Our Approach

Rita Pardo specializes in creating natural products for the entire family that are free from harmful chemicals and potential allergens. She takes a hands-on approach when teaching clients to create the same chemical-free environment for their home and guiding others on how to create a niche business in the natural product business. With nearly 20 years of experience, Rita is extremely knowledgeable and works to help clients turn their love for natural products into profit.

Our Story

Rita Pardo began Naturally Me and You after being frustrated about not finding any products to relieve her oldest daughter’s severe case of eczema. After countless prescriptions from medical doctors, Rita took matters into her own hands, researched natural alternatives that could ease the daily discomforts of her daughter’s skin issues, food allergies and medical issues, and created her own blend of unique blend of essential oils and shea butter.

After seeing her daughter’s skin clear up, and her medical issues and allergies improve, Rita began providing samples of her custom body butter  to friends and family. After overwhelming positive responses, Rita knew she had an opportunity to serve others that were also in need, and Naturally Me and You was born.

After years of serving others by providing products, the request for product classes were at an all-time high. Rita has always taught private classes to close family and friends, but has since began offering product-making classes and private consulting to others.

Meet the Team

Rita Pardo is consistently inspired by the love of her lives. Their needs initiated her business, and they continue to influence her increased product line and business offerings.  Let’s meet the team ….

Rita Pardo

Founder & CEO

Helping aspiring mompreneurs juggle business & motherhood so they can move forward with turning their product-making passion into profits.

Educating the public on creating non-toxic environments in their home and living a more, high-quality, naturalistic lifestyle.

Family is First. Family is Inspiration. Family is Life.

L to R – Top: Rita & Benjamin Sr. Bottom: Benjamin Jr (BJ),
Micaiah & Jicaiah (Nae Nae)

The business began with solutions for Micaiah and expanded as the needs of the family grew and benefitted from her natural products.


Rita’s Business Operates With Love

Her passion is to help  you do the same with ease and confidence!

Next Steps…

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